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Reviewer acknowledgements 2018

A peer-reviewed journal would not survive without the generous time and insightful comments of the reviewers, whose efforts often go unrecognized. Although final decisions are always editorial, they are greatly facilitated by the deeper technical knowledge, scientific insights, understanding of social consequences, and passion that reviewers bring to our deliberations. For these reasons, the Editors and staff of Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice would like to publicly acknowledge our peer reviewers.

Evgeny Imyanitov
Cathryn Koptiuch
Melissa Southey
Florentia Fostira
Kelly Kohut 
Katherine Agre 
Cecilie Heramb 
Jacek Gronwald 
Magdalena Ratajska 
Rajdeep Das 
Allan Spigelman 
Andrzej Plawski 
Arvids Irmejs 
Bryony Thompson 
Gabriela Moeslein 
Henriette Nielsen 
Ingrid Winship 
Kathy Tucker 
Mev Domínguez Valentin 
Michael Bogwitz 
Michelle Wong-Brown 
Pål Møller Norway
Miguel Rodriguez Bigas 
Paul James 
Patrick Lynch 
Rolf Sijmons 
Ricardo Vilain 
Sunil Lakhani 
Stefan Aretz 
Steffen Pistorius 
Muhammad Rashid