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Table 1 Risk of Bias Summary

From: Diet, weight management, physical activity and Ovarian & Breast Cancer Risk in women with BRCA1/2 pathogenic Germline gene variants: systematic review

Cancer TypeAuthor, YearSelection BiasStudy DesignConfoundersBlindingData Collection MethodWithdrawals & DropoutsQuality Score
Ovarian CancerGronwald J et al., 2006StrongModerateWeakN/AWeakN/AWeak
McGee J et al., 2012WeakModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
Qian F et al., 2019StrongModerateStrongN/AWeakN/AModerate
Abbas S et al., 2019StrongModerateWeakN/AStrongN/AModerate
Breast CancerCybulski C et al., 2015StrongModerateStrongN/AWeakN/AModerate
Dennis J et al., 2010StrongModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
Dennis J et al., 2011StrongModerateStrongN/AStrongN/AStrong
Gronwald J et al., 2006StrongModerateWeakN/AWeakN/AWeak
Kim SJ et al., 2019StrongModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
King MC et al., 2003StrongModerateModerateN/AWeakN/AModerate
Ko KP et al., 2013StrongModerateStrongN/AStrongN/AStrong
Kotsopoulos J et al., 2005ModerateModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
Lammert J et al., 2018StrongModerateStrongN/AStrongN/AStrong
Lecarpentier J et al., 2011StrongModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
Manders P et al., 2011StrongModerateStrongN/AWeakN/AModerate
McGuire V et al., 2006ModerateModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
Moorman PG et al., 2010StrongModerateWeakN/AModerateN/AModerate
Nkondjock A, Ghadirian P, et al., 2006StrongModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
Nkondjock A, Robidoux A et al., 2006ModerateModerateStrongN/AStrongN/AModerate
Nkondjock A et al., 2007StrongModerateStrongN/AStrongN/AStrong
Pijpe A et al., 2010ModerateModerateStrongN/AModerateN/AModerate
Qian F et al., 2019StrongModerateStrongN/AWeakN/AModerate
  1. N/A = Not Applicable due to study design