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Table 1 Descriptive statistics

From: Group plus “mini” individual pre-test genetic counselling sessions for hereditary cancer shorten provider time and improve patient satisfaction

 MeanStd. Deviation
This session explained cancer genetics in a clear way1.10.357
This session was helpful to me1.07.312
I understand my risk of inherited cancer better after this session1.20.480
I was comfortable with a group counselling session1.03.181
I was comfortable with the private follow up session1.05.292
My questions were answered1.07.322
I would recommend group sessions to other patients1.07.314
I would not recommend group sessions to other patients4.601.029
Group sessions are a good way to shorten wait times1.15.633
I would prefer to wait for a private session4.131.331
I feel that the wait time between the group session and my private sessions was too long4.48.873
Waiting 30–90 min for my private sessions is acceptable if it shortens waitlist times1.441.158