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Table 1 Extrapolated burden of hereditary gynaecologic cancers at one major gynaecologic cancer centre in Nepal

From: Hereditary gynaecologic cancers in Nepal: a proposed model of care to serve high risk populations in developing countries

Total number of patients admitted 2523 (2010–2014- audit) 4901 (2014-annual report)
Patients recommended for referral(5 years) to HCC 462
Total number of patients of ca ovary and endometrium/year 345 809
Mutation Identified for BRCA1/2 40 94 Extrapolated
Mutation Identified for MMR 10 23
Predictive testing 87 204
Mutation Carriers 47 110
  1. RHW Royal Hospital for Women, BPKMCH B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital