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Table 5 Multivariable model examining clinic group and psychological predictors of strong interest in a genomic SNP test for prostate cancer risk

From: Interest in genomic SNP testing for prostate cancer risk: a pilot survey

Predictor OR 95% confidence interval P
Study group    0.006
 PRAP referent   
 Urology 0.18 0.06-0.61  
Perceived risk of prostate cancer    0.025
 Lower 0.17 0.02-1.25  
 Same referent   
 A little higher 0.25 0.06-1.15  
 Much higher 2.47 0.49-12.34  
Reasons for not wanting SNP testing    0.004
 None checked referent   
 At least 1 checked 0.11 0.03-0.50  
Health Literacy    0.057
Help reading medical materials    
  “None of the time” referent   
  Not “none of the time” 0.30 0.09-1.04  
  1. Bold: Results significant (p < 0.05).
  2. Note: Reasons for wanting SNP testing omitted from the model due to collinearity issues.