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Table 3 Reasons for wanting and not wanting SNP testing

From: Interest in genomic SNP testing for prostate cancer risk: a pilot survey

  n (percent)
Reasons for wanting SNP testing  
So I could plan for the future. 47 (58.8)
So I could make a decision about getting more health insurance. 15 (18.8)
To learn if my children are at risk. 47 (58.8)
I suspect that I am a gene carrier for cancer. 38 (47.5)
I just want to know. 64 (80.0)
To be able to take better care of myself. 40 (50.0)
To know if I need to have screening tests more often. 44 (55.0)
Reasons for not wanting SNP testing  
I am concerned about my emotional reaction. 3 (3.8)
I am concerned about my partner’s reaction. 4 (5.0)
I am concerned about my family’s reactions. 4 (5.0)
I just don’t want to know. 8 (10.0)
I can’t do anything to prevent it. 12 (15.0)
I would worry about how it would affect my insurance. 4 (5.0)