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Table 1 Incidence of polyps and cancer following segmental resection

From: Post-surgical surveillance in Lynch syndrome--a Cleveland Clinic experience

#FU Exams #FU exams detected polyps #FU exams detected pathologically advanced polyps* #FU exams detected cancers Interval between FU & polyp detected (range= 0.5–4.5 yrs) Interval between FU & cancer detected (range= 0.5-3 yrs)
52 25 (48%) 7 (13%) 4 (8%) Mean= 1.5yr
Median= 1yr
Mean= 1.4yr
Median= 1yr
  1. *pathologically advanced polyp is described as an adenoma being 1cm or larger, having a villous component, or high-grade or severe dysplasia.