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Table 6 Members of Group 4 'Cancer inevitable'

From: How do women at increased, but unexplained, familial risk of breast cancer perceive and manage their risk? A qualitative interview study

Pseudonym Age Family members affected breast cancer Description of risk Mammogram Health providera
     Frequency Age at first  
Sue 41 Sister, deceased, 37
Mother, cervical, 59
Grandmother, 50+
Aunt, 36
Aunt, 34
If I'm going to die it's going to be of breast cancer 10 years between mammograms 28 3
Raelene 47 Cousin, 35
Dad, other cancer, deceased, 69
I think I'll probably die of some kind of cancer Will start at age 50 with Breast screen N/A 3
Alexandra 51 Sister, deceased, 32
Sister deceased, 39
Sister, 35
Grandmother, deceased, 45
Dad, other cancer, deceased, 70
Time bomb Every couple of years 35 3
Bobbie 51 Sister, deceased, 41
Mum, deceased, 73
Dad, deceased, 60+
Grandmother, other cancer 60+
Aunt other cancer 60+
You will die of something and we just expected that that's what we're going to die of. Yearly 38 3
Clareb 55 Cousin, 35
Mum, deceased, 59
Father, other cancer, deceased, 70
I got it into my head that I was going to get it Yearly 40 3
  1. a: 1: Regular GP and regular specialist, 2: Regular GP and occasionally specialist, 3: Regular GP only, 4: No Regular GP
  2. b: Felt she had changed her risk perception after speaking to a genetic counsellor and no longer has a sense of fatalism.