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Table 5 Members of Group 3 'Concerned about cancer risk, so why don't I do anything?'

From: How do women at increased, but unexplained, familial risk of breast cancer perceive and manage their risk? A qualitative interview study

Pseudonym Age Family members affected breast cancer, age at Dx Description of risk Mammogram Health providera
     Frequency Age at first  
Trish 35 Sister deceased, 26
Aunts and uncles, 60+
One in three 7 years since last mammogram 22 2
Isabelle 40 Brother (bowel cancer), deceased, 37
Sister, 31
Mother, 68
High A few years since last mammogram 25 2
Anne 41 Sister, deceased, 37
Mother other cancer
2 × sisters other cancer in childhood
Above average Had two mammograms some time ago 27 2
Connie 47 Sister, 36 Same as population A while since last mammogram 34 2
  1. a: 1: Regular GP and regular specialist, 2: Regular GP and occasionally specialist, 3: Regular GP only, 4: No Regular GP