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Table 3 Details about the extra colonic cancers observed in the MSH6 patient cohort (n = 78).

From: MSH6 and PMS2 mutation positive Australian Lynch syndrome families: novel mutations, cancer risk and age of diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Family ID Cancer (Age of diagnosis) Family relationship Mutation in family- Nucleotide Change Family fulfilled Am II criteria
MSH6_4 CRC (72)
Endometrial (74)
Proband c.2150_ 2153delTCAG Yes
MSH6_8.1 Ovarian (49) No pedigree available c.458_627del Yes
MSH6_8.4 Appendix cancer (14) No pedigree available c.458_627del Yes
MSH6_9 Bladder (69)
Endometrial (71)
Thyroid (72)
Proband c.3261delC Yes
MSH6_10 CRC (21)
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (6)
Proband c.1_457del Yes
MSH6_10.1 Endometrial (68) Probands paternal grandmother c.1_457del Yes
MSH6_10.2 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (28) Probands paternal aunty c.1_457del Yes
MSH6_13 Endometrial (54) Proband c.3202C>T Yes
MSH6_13.7 Endometrial (56) Probands sister c.3202C>T Yes
MSH6_16 Endometrial (50)
Breast (63)
Proband c.2976delA No
MSH6_16.1 Endometrial (57)
Breast (61)
Probands sister c.2976delA No
MSH6_18.4 Endometrial (44) Probands sister c.3261dupC No/Bethesda
MSH6_23 Endometrial (64)
Breast (70)
Proband c.1404_1405delTC Unknown (no pedigree)
MSH6_26.1 Bladder (52) Probands brother c.3312delT No
MSH6_28 Endometrial (50) Proband c.3556+3_3556+13delGAGTTTTTTGT Unknown
MSH6_29 Ovarian (38) Proband c.620del Unknown (no pedigree)