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Table 3 Characteristics of MUTYH Y165C and G382D heterozygous mutation carriers

From: Genetic variants in MUTYH are not associated with endometrial cancer risk

Characteristics Y165C – patient 1 G382D – patient 2 G382D – patient 3
Year of Birth 1933 1935 1951
BMI (kg/m2) >30 25–30 25–30
Age of Diagnosis of Endometrial cancer (years) 71 70 52
Age of Menarche 15 16 15
Age of Menopause 55 45 52
No. of Children 0 3 2
Oral Contraceptive Never Use Never Never
Other Diseases High Blood Pressure Ovarian Cancer Colorectal Cancer High Blood Pressure Diabetes Diabetes
Family History of Sister Cancer Colorectal cancer Mother & Maternal Aunt Breast Cancer Father Colorectal Brother Leukaemia None
Stage of Cancer Unknown 1B Mixed Mullerian Malignant Tumour
Grade of Cancer 1 1 3
Histology Adenocarcinoma Adenocarcinoma Mixed Mullerian Malignant Tumour
Recurrence None None None
Smoker Never Current Never
Alcohol Non-Drinker Non-Drinker Non-Drinker