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Table 1 Lynch syndrome tumour spectrum. Cumulative risks and average ages at diagnosis

From: Thyroid cancer in a patient with a germline MSH2 mutation. Case report and review of the Lynch syndrome expanding tumour spectrum

Tumour site MLH1 MSH2 MSH6
  male female male female male female
Colorectum 22-65% (41-47 years) 18-54% (41-47 years) 30-73% (44-46 years) 25-54% (44-46 years) 60-70% (50-54 years) 30-40% (50-54 years)
Endometrium   25-65%
(59 year)
(59 year)
(54 year)
Small intestine 7% 4% n.a.
Stomach 2% 4% n.a.
Ovary 3% 10% 10-28%
Ureter and renal pyelum 1% 12% n.a.
Brain n.a. 1% n.a.
Sebaceous glands Pancreas Biliary tract n.a. n.a. n.a.
  1. n.a. - not available
  2. Shown in brackets are the ranges of average ages at diagnosis. For the PMS2 gene no cumulative risks are available.
  3. Modified from a table developed by D Voskuil and RH Sijmons for the Dutch National Guidelines on Hereditary Colorectal Cancer (Menko F, ed. Richtlijn Erfelijke Darmkanker, VKGN, VIKC and CBO, 2007), used with permission