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Table 1 Families with multiple occurrence of chordoma

From: Update on the Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics of Chordoma

Reference Affected Chordoma Site Onset
Foot et al, 1957 brother and sister sacrococcygeal middle-age
Enim et al, 1963 two brothers nasopharyngeal youth
Kerr et al, 1975 3 in three generations nasopharyngeal not specified
Chetty et al, 1991 1 with family history clival 3 years
Korczak et al, 1997 9 in three generations clival, spinal not specified
Stepanek et al, 1998 4 in 2 generations sacral, clival nasopharyngeal 20, 39, 28, 31
Dalprà et al, 1999
Miozzo et al, 2000
father and two daughters* clival before 20
Kelley et al, 2001 two first cousins once removed° clival not specified
  1. *third with astrocytoma
  2. °one index case's daughter with pilocystic astrocytoma