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Table 3 Most important reasons given for withdrawal from genetic counselling by the group of non-attendees (n = 46)

From: Withdrawal from Genetic Counselling for Cancer

  n %
It is difficult to anticipate the consequences of genetic counselling 13 28
I am worried that I will not cope well with an unfavourable test result 9 20
I do not have sufficient information about cancer in my family 9 20
I want to postpone the genetic counselling for some years 9 20
I am worried that genetic counselling may cause stress in my immediate relationship/family (partner/children) 8 17
I am not interested in genetic counselling at the moment, it has low priority 6 13
The subject "cancer and hereditary" is too emotional/burdensome 6 13
One or more relatives do not want to participate in the genetic inquiries/counselling 4 9
I am worried about possible consequences for obtaining a mortgage or life insurance 4 9
I am worried that genetic counselling may cause stress within my larger family (brothers/sisters/cousins/parents, etc.) 4 9
I am worried about the possible consequences for my future plans (starting a relationship, choice of job, wish for children) 4 9
I am still waiting for an invitation from the family cancer clinic 3 7
I do not expect that genetic counselling will bring much news for me 2 4
I will wait for the results from other family members before I proceed with genetic counselling 1 2
Others advised me against the genetic counselling 1 2
I have had bad experiences with the family cancer clinic 0 0