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Table 1 Predictive testing for Huntington's disease

From: A Counselling Model for BRCA1/2 Genetic Susceptibility Testing

Session one
   - Sociodemographic details
   - Confirmation of family and clinical data
   - Assessment of impact of HD and test results
   - Assessment of knowledge of HD and presymptomatic testing
   - Reasons for requesting prediction
   - Neurological examination*
Session two
   - Assessment of psychological, personality and social resources (using standardized instruments*)
   - Further counselling and discussion on disclosure session
   - Nomination of professional support
   - Signing of consent form
   - Final blood sample
Session three
   - Disclosure of test results
Formal follow-up
   - 2 days-1 week (telephone)
   - 3 months
   - 12 months
  1. * Genetic centres differ in the application of neurological examination and psychological assessment