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Table 2 Risk of breast cancer associated with plasma homocysteine (Hcy) concentration

From: Plasma homocysteine levels and genetic polymorphisms in folate metablism are associated with breast cancer risk in chinese women

Variablea,b Cases (n = 96) n (%) Controls (n = 85) n (%) ORc(95% CIc)
Plasma total Hcy(μ mol/L)    
<7.26 16(16.7) 28(32.9) 1.00(reference)
7.26–11.56 11(11.4) 30(35.3) 0.64(0.23–1.12)
>11.56 69(71.9) 27(31.8) 4.45(1.89–6.24)
  1. aThe total number of cases and controls does not correspond because of missing data.
  2. bVariables were categorized based on the tertile distribution among control subjects.
  3. cOR, odd ratio; CI, confidence interval.
  4. cAdjustment for age at enrollment and duration of fasting.