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Table 1 Resources provided to participants during results visit with genetic counselors

From: A Pilot study of the Sharing Risk Information Tool (ShaRIT) for Families with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome

Items Control ShaRIT
Personalized Medical Report Mailed after results visit X
Family Pedigree X X
BRCA mutation report from Myriad Genetics X X
Personalized Recommendations for Cancer Surveillance and Prevention   X
Information for Family Members:   X
*Letter to family member notifying him/her of BRCA mutation identified in relative Available to patient after results visit if requested X
*FAQ for family members addressing cancer risk, cost of testing, insurance issues   X
*Contact information for genetic counselor(s) nearest to eligible family members   X
General Information and Resources (Support group brochures, contact information for therapists with expertise in HBOC, general information on HBOC) X X
Files on CD-ROM   X